catahoula Mix|male|1 year old|41 lbs|Adoption Fee $275


Updates from Foster Home: 

Pupdate 1: Austin has been such a joy!  He came to us already potty trained, crate trained, and eager to please.  He is alert and attentive, and follows me around the house whenever I move around.  He lays beside the bed when we sleep, and waits to be invited onto the bed to cuddle in the morning.  We have also crated him during the night at times and he does fine with that too.  He goes right into his crate when told to, and is content to rest there.  He can be left out when we are gone from home, as we haven't seen any issues with chewing or marking.  He's really the perfect dog!

Austin looks like he's always smiling, and his bright yellow eyes make him pretty unique and beautiful.  He loves cuddling, and nuzzling his nose against humans' cheeks.  He's incredibly smart, easy to train, and not very needy.  He's content to play with a ball, kong, rope or bone and entertain himself for hours. 

Austin especially loves playing with our 1.5 year old pit mix - and while their play can seem a little intense or aggressive, they're very aware and intentional, and if I put my face between them when they're wrestling, they stop immediately and kiss me.  Their tails are always wagging, and they never break skin, even though they like chewing on each others face and legs (dogs are so weird!).  A simple clap of the hands is usually all it takes to get them to stop immediately and look to me for direction.  It's nice in the colder months when walking the dogs more difficult that the dogs play and give each other exercise.  Austin would be happy to find a home with another fur-sibling to rough-house with, but I think he'd also be fine as the only dog as long as he gets outside plenty.  He loves the outdoors!  Even in the cold, he'll often lay down in our driveway or yard and just watch the world go by with a big goofy grin.  

He gets excited when guests visit, and sometimes needs to be crated or leashed because it's the one time he doesn't listen perfectly, and tends to jump up on people.  I've been having a friend stop by every couple days so that we can keep working on this.  He is good around kids, but his size and excitability makes me think he'd do best in a house with kids that are at least tall enough not to get knocked over by him.

We love him a lot and he will always be welcome to come play in our home!